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Fully Installed Bathroom, Leeds
We transformed an old fashioned bathroom into a fresh, clean and modern looking one.

Fully Tiled Wet Room, Wetherby
Fully renovated Steam rooms, Shower rooms and Leisure areas of a private health club.

Underfloor Heating System. Calverley
Full fitted water under floor heating system, fitted to an existing Combination Boiler.

Rain Water Harvesting

Simply speaking Rainwater Harvesting (RH) is collecting water from rain, storing it, and using it as a free resource. Rainwater harvesting promotes sustainable water management practices. Traditionally, rainwater harvesting has been practiced in arid or semi-arid areas of the world. However, today, with massive urban development, Rainwater Harvesting is proposed as a good sustainable environmental practice. It is a simple concept that can save much water from our planet and some money for you.

Harvesting natural rain water as it falls to earth can be the ideal solution to all of your secondary water needs. Greatly reducing the cost of your water supply in general, it is a really practical way to be environmentally responsible yet have all of the crystal clear water you need for washing, bathing, toilet and gardening. Even during prolonged periods without rain, there is no need to worry about running out of water as the system will automatically revert to your normal mains supply if required.
Simply by channeling the rain water as it falls onto your roof, our harvesting system will pass it through special filtering to remove any contaminants and then store it in an underground tank. This tank is then connected to all of your secondary water outlets so that using the harvested rain water is as convenient as using your normal mains water supply.

Questions and Answers

Q. How much of my daily water needs can I expect to save from harvesting rain water?
A. In the average household, one can expect to save anything from 30% to 50% of your normal daily water usage. Commercial or industrial applications can expect anything up to an 80% saving.

Q. Can all houses be fitted for rain water harvesting?
A. Any house type can be fitted for rain water harvesting including, bungalows. The larger the roof area, the greater the capacity for a particular application to harvest rain water. However, installations in existing houses and buildings are more expensive because of the extra plumping involved.

Q. Where is the tank usually located?
A. The normal location is under a driveway but any suitable location in a garden is acceptable.

Q. How clean is the harvested water?
A. After collection all water is thoroughly filtered of any foreign matter and stored in the dark to minimise the growth of algae. The water is very safe for all applications after that except for drinking. At no point can the harvested water get into your normal drinking water supply.

Q. Can the system run out of harvested water?
A. If there is a prolonged period without rain then yes, the system can run low of water. In this event, the system is designed to allow your normal mains supply to take over and keep the tank filled until there has been enough rain water to top the tank up again.