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Fully Installed Bathroom, Leeds
We transformed an old fashioned bathroom into a fresh, clean and modern looking one.

Fully Tiled Wet Room, Wetherby
Fully renovated Steam rooms, Shower rooms and Leisure areas of a private health club.

Underfloor Heating System. Calverley
Full fitted water under floor heating system, fitted to an existing Combination Boiler.

Benefits of Unvented hot water systems

With unvented systems, there are no storage tanks in the loft and they are not reliant on booster pumps to give performance for showering. They also offer many advantages over the traditional systems aside from shower performance, such as...

• The loft space can be used as an extra room as there is no need for a storage tank and ancillary fittings.

• Powerful showering with increased choice of fittings such as body jets and hydro-massage units.

• Balanced, high pressure to all outlets.

• Reduced risk of freezing and costly damage.

• Drinking water at all outlets as every cold water tap is fed directly from the mains water supply.

• Lower insurance premiums due to absence of stored water in the loft.

• No risk of contamination or stagnation as water is sealed from the atmosphere.

• Less noise - no ball cock in loft with tank to fill each time hot water is drawn.